Shopping Guides


1. How do I make order at Online Shop?

1. Select the product, and then click “Add to Cart” button.



2. Next, you will come to the Shopping Cart page, and have checked your shopping cart, if you would like to change the quantity, make sure you click “Update QTY” after you change quantity, then click “Proceed To Checkout”.



3. If you are already registered member, then type your email address, password and click “Login”. If you are new, continue with the 1-6 Checkout Method, you can choose checkout as Guest or Register, then click “Continue”.
- Want to become registered member – choose “Register”
- Do not want to become register member – choose “Checkout as Guest”


Next, follow the instruction from 1 until 6, fill in all the details, and click “Continue”

4. Lastly, come to the last step, click “Place Order” to submit your order.

5. After you place your order, you will get your Order Number. And you will receive an order confirmation email with details of your order. Kindly check your email.



2. Any other way to make order, other than make order through Online Shop?
Yes, you can email the below information to our sales team <> :

a. Name
b. Email Address
c. Shipping Address
d. Products to purchase
e. Tel Number

We will create the order for you, and email the confirmation order to you.


3. I already made order, but did not receive any Confirmation Order email, how?
There might be 3 reasons:
a. The email might be drop into your spam mail / junk mail, kindly check your spam mail / junk mail to confirm.
b. Due to the problem of your email server not allow to accept the email.
c. During the process of making order, you just click “Add to Cart”, “Proceed to Checkout”, but did not do the last step – “Placed Order”. That means you did not submit the order, which is why you did not receive the Confirmation Order. In this case, you have to make order again.


4. How many items I can make in 1 order? And how to do it?
You can make as many items as you want in 1 order as long as the shipping address is same. Here to show you how to make many items in 1 order:

1. When you add your first item in your Shopping Cart, you can continue to click on any product page you want.


2. And click “Add to Cart” of the product. The product will auto drop into your Shopping Cart.


3. Now, you have 2 items In 1 order. You can make as many items as you want.




5. Can I delete the item? How?

Yes, to delete the item, at your Shopping Cart, just click on the button at the right hand side of the product.


Or you can click on your “trolley”, a small Cart will appear, and click on the “X” of the product you want to delete. Then it will prompt out “Are you sure you would like to remove this item from the shopping cart?” Just click “OK”.