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Basic Aloe Skin Care Set

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Basic Aloe Skin Care Set

** Recover Pimples, Acne problem

** Cleans and nourish the skin and eye area


* 1 unit Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser

* 3 unit Aloe Mask

* 1 unit Aloe Hydrogel Eye Patch 60's pieces

+ FREE Postage + FREE Gift


1) Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser

* Excellent effect at makeup cleasing

* Cleans deep down into pores

* Deep Clean with skin nerver dry out - Moisture feel

* Content " Aloe Vera Leaf Jiusce " - give moisture & good to skin health

* Content "Tea tree Leaf Oil" - good to seneitive skin, not irritated skin. And good to skin health

* Strengthens pores ; giving them a more healthy look

* Removes impurities deep down within the pores of the skin

* Leaves skin shiny and feeling clean

2) Natural Aloe Hydrogel Eye Patch 60's pieces

* Nourish

* Claiming

* Moisturize

* Elasticity

3) Aloe Mask

- Moisturizing without being sticky

- Soothing sensitive skin

- Rich moisturizing and calming effects

- Spread smoothly and nicely

 - Simple moisture supply

- Powerful moisturizing effect with a sufficient amount

[How to use]

1. Wash face with Aloe AC Bubble Cleanser and dry off with a towel

a. Use the hygience spoon to take out the eye patch and wear for 20~30 minutes and relax.

b. Apply the Aloe Mask on face

Gently pat remaining essence for the maximum absorption

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Basic Aloe Skin Care Set

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