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Aqua Whitening Cream + CC Cream

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* 1 unit - Aqua Whitening Cream

* 1 unit - CC Cream

~ Best daily skin care routine, simple & easy. Just 2 steps!

How to use :

Step 1 -  Aqua Whitening Cream:

*After cleansing face, apply adequate amount onto face, then gently massage and patting your skin, water drops will appear on your skin within seconds, patting let it absorb into skin well. The extra can apply on neck. Give moisture & fresh skin whole day.

Step 2 - CC Cream:

*After that, apply this CC Cream as your day cream at whole face, under eye part, & both side of nose. Give natural and glowing skin look whole day fresh.


1) Aqua Whitening Cream:
* Repairs dryness & Sunburn damaged skin

*Keeps moisturizer deep into lower layer of skin

* Content "Camelia Japonica Seed Oil" -
Non- comedogenic, not block skin pores, not contribute to acne

* Content "Niacinamide" – improved uneven skin tone, brightening.
* can used it at morning before makeup and night before sleep.

2) CC Cream:

* SPF30 PA++ Sun Protection

* Correct skin tone naturally.

* Get your desired smooth, glowing and healthy natural skin

* Content “Mineral Water” – Keep PH Balance.

1 unit Aqua Whitening Cream + 1 unit CC Cream

*Give Glowing and Natural look.

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