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Troubled with blackheads and whiteheads? I AM!
Let me introduce a new invention from @hansaegeenature created naturally to fight it. (Ughhh.. the footage might be a bit gross but if you're having the same problem as me, you might wanna read more on this)
Presenting the Ion Viviball, it's a 100% Natural Ceramic Ball with Natural Ion Stones insides. It contains high level of negative ions which helps to attract impurities and regenerates the skin naturally.

*The Viviball purposes to absorb oil, sebum, remove dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads which doesn't harm the skin and tighten the pores too!
* It's used throughout the whole face for about 1 or 2 minutes once you wake up each morning. This allows it to absorb the excess oil produced overnight. While for the night routine, each session will be within 5 minutes after a clean face. These steps should be taken to be able to improve the skin condition. Some even have seen obvious results within the first use!
So how did it go for me? Well, you'll have to wait for my blogpost coming up probably next week. I still haven't concluded what I think about it, but I do see slight changes at my nose area. @hansaegeenature #hansaegeenature #hansaegee Review by @miracikcit