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In a rush but still, need to look presentable? Well, get this dewy look without having to dap dap for a few minutes away.
I'm using @hansaegeenature Gold Nano CC Cream which you can just use your fingers to apply and rub in to achieve a nice glowing look.
This is an all in one day cream which has color control & brightening effect at the same time! It blends in to instantly brightens which matches the skin tone color creating a really nice dewy look.
It also contains SPF30 PA++ so you don't have to apply anything else after using this. On top of that, it also has anti-wrinkle properties so age free without worries. 
It's just so easy to use and the best part is that it moisturizes the skin all day long without a feel of stickiness and oil to it. I just add it with drawn brows, mascara, a bit of gloss and I'm ready to go! Best invention ever for a mum like me.
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