Aloe Vera Cleanser for Oily & Pimples Skin | Hansaegee Nature

(By Pija Ramli 04th November 2019)

Assalamualaikum ❤️

My busy and hectic day has taken over me. Im like super busy to update my blog eventhough I have so many new products to share with you guys. I’ll try to post more reviews insya Allah.

Today, I would like to share about new cleanser that my husband and I have been tried on. My husband never use any facial cleanser, so I was excited to see the results. Me myself have been trying it, and it was great.

This facial cleanser is made from my favourite ingredients- Aloe Vera & Tea Tree Oil. You never know how much I love them. And tea tree oil has been my skin savior for the past two years. I changed to tea tree oil based products and my skin cleared up!

These are the ingredients. Lots of great ingredients for problematic skin though! Thyme and rosemary are great for scars while others are for keeping the moisture and clear the gunk in the pores. I think Hansaegee create the best formulation for their AC facial cleanser.

(pictures from their website)

Aloe AC Bubble Cleanser from Hansaegee is one of the best facial cleanser (for my skin types). And I believe it is suitable for all skin types because my husband has oily skin, yet it works wonder on his skin too! I used to have combination skin but since pregnant, my skin is getting dry. Still, this cleanser didn’t make it worse eventhough it has bubbles. I believe the ingredients really helps to retain and keep the moisture in my skin.

Contain 150ml of products, and I think it will last more than 3 months even if you use it everyday. Because it is bubble cleanser, you don’t need to pump a lot though. For me, 1 pump is enough for the entire face and same goes to my husband (eventhough at first, he pumped 3 times because he thought the cleanser should be in gel form ). After a while only then he read again and realised that it was bubble cleanser! Maybe its true, men never read.

This is the most satisfying parts. The bubbles are so soft and smooth. I used 1 pump for my entire face. And it feels so smooth when I rub it onto my face.

I like how moist it feels after washing my face. Aloe Vera is a great ingredient to retain back the moisture into the skin, while tea tree oil takes care of any pimples that me and my husband had.

Just another close up picture of the bottle and box. I don’t know about you but, I like the packaging. Minimal yet contains enough products information.

This is the picture of my husband’s skin before using Hansaegee facial cleanser. He got some irritated pimples. And scars too. As you can see, the pores are sooooo big!

This is him after using the cleanser for about 5 days, he only use it once daily. Eventhough I tried to remind him to use twice daily!

As you can see, the reddish pimple are getting smaller and less red. While other two also shows improvement, getting smooth and clear. The scars are not so bad as before. I like how his skin become smooth and supple now. The bubbles really goes deep down pores to clear up the gunk and oil.

How To Use vs How My Husband & I Use

The only difference was my husband & i only use 1 pump because it was enough for our entire face. But you can always go for more as this bubble cleanser won’t dries out your skin. Bubbles make me put less effort in rubbing my skin while wash it, thus minimize the risk of irritation. Which is a plus for my sensitive skins! Sometimes, when using gel cleanser, I need to rub a bit hard and left my skin with small rashes/redness. So the facial bubbles cleanser is great alternative.

Ratings: 4/5

Less 1 star because I don’t like the smell of it. But my husband said that this bubble cleanser smells like rose. Very subtle yet soothing. Well, everyone has different opinions on this. Some people like odourless product. Some are not.

I highly recommend this facial cleanser especially if you have combination and oily skins because the bubbles really great in keeping the balance between oil and moisture for your skin. You always need bubble cleanser though because bubbles can easily penetrate your pores to clear up all the gunk, the particles is so tiny compare to gel.