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Aloe Cleanser + Aqua Whitening Cream + Nose Pore Strip + 1 Aloe Mask

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** Clean pore deeply with moisture,soothing skin

** Remove excess sebum

** Remove Blackheads and Whiteheads with tight pore

** Remove dead skin cells

** Shrink pores tightly after remove blackheads

** Provide & lock moisture deeply into skin

** Control excess sebum & reduce oily skin

** Brighten skin by ingredient Niacinamide & Lemon Extract


* 1 unit Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser - Expired December 2023

* 1 unit Nose Pore Strip – Expired Feb 2022

* 1 pcs 92% Aloe Gel Mask – Expired October 2022

* 1 unit Aqua Whitening Cream – Expired Jan 2022

~ Complete Clean & Moisture skin care

FREE Postage + FREE Gifts - FREE 1 Piece Nose Pore Strip + 

* The Free Gift is Based on the Total amount purchase (Please refer to Gift Chart <> for more detail)

* The Free gift is subject to chance while stocks last

~ Click details: Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser

~ Click details: Nose Pore Strip

~ Click details: 92% Aloe Gel Mask

~ Click details: Aqua Whitening Cream  

What Skin / who should try this COMBO SET?


1) Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser

* Excellent effect at makeup cleansing

* Cleans deep down into pores

* Deep Clean with skin never dry out - Moisture feel

* Content “Aloe Vera Leaf Juice” - give moisture & good to skin health

* Content "Tea tree Leaf Oil" - good to sensitive skin, not irritated skin. And good to skin health

* Strengthens pores; giving them a more healthy look

* Removes impurities deep down within the pores of the skin

* Leaves skin shiny and feeling clean

2) Nose Pore Strip

- Remove Blackheads / Whiteheads Perfectly

 - Remove Sebum & Dead Skin Cells of Nose

 - Shrink Pores Tightly

 - Makes Skin at Nose Part Bright

 - Makes Oily Skin Healthy (makes nose clear)

 - Lemon Extract Moisture Skin (Soothing)

3) 92% Aloe Gel Mask

* Moisturizing without being sticky

* Soothing sensitive skin

* Rich moisturizing and calming effects

* Spread smoothly and nicely

* Simple moisture supply

* Powerful moisturizing effect with a sufficient amount

4) Aqua Whitening Cream

* Repairs dryness & Sunburn damaged skin

*Keeps moisturizer deep into lower layer of skin

* Content "Camelia Japonica Seed Oil" -
Non- comedogenic, not block skin pores, not contribute to acne. Repair damaged skin well at night, recover from redness skin.

* Content "Niacinamide" – improved uneven skin tone, brightening. 

* Can used it at morning before makeup and night before sleep.

How to use:

1) Step 1 - Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser

* Take the right amount of Bubble Foam on the wet hands, after that message face gently with the bubble as you make a circular motion. Finally, wash face with warm water.

2) Step 2 – Nose Pore Strip

* After facial washing, put lukewarm water sufficiently on the bridge of the nose. And then dry your wet hands. Take off the transparent film from the sheet. Put it rightly on the bridge of your nose. (Push the sheet enough to get it stick closely to the nose). Finally after about 15 minutes, slowly take off the sheet from the bottom if it gets dry completely.

3) Step 3 – 92% Aloe Gel Mask

* After take out the Nose Pack, arrange skin texture using a toner and attach the sheet on the face tightly. And Remove the sheet after taking a rest for 10-20 minutes and then finally gently pat your face to absorb the remaining essence.

4) Step 4 – Aqua Whitening Cream

* After apply Aloe gel Mask, gently massage an adequate amount onto your face and neck, water drops form will appear on your skin within seconds. Last Pat your skin until the moisturizer is fully absorbed into the skin.

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