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Makeup Base + Liquid Foundation + Twin Cake (Natural Beige)

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* 1 unit Makeup Base Green colour

* 1 unit Liquid Foundation (Natural Beige color)

* 1 unit Twin Cake (Natural Beige color)

~ Mineral makeup items, use pure mineral ingredients which good & healthy for skin. Give breath to skin. Suitable for all skin type and also sensitive skin.

How to use:

1) Step 1 - Make up Base Green:

*Put an appropriate amount of the make-up base on puff, and equally apply to all over your face and neck.

2) Step 2 - Liquid Foundation:

* After that, apply an appropriate amount of liquid foundation to all over the face with puff or brush.

3) Step 3 - Twin Cake:

* Finally, Apply an appropriate amount of Twin Cake to all over the face. Give fresh skin look.


1) Makeup Base Green:

* Base of makeup, give good absorption of makeup, make nice look makeup & long lasting whole day.

* Balance uneven skin tone

* Help neutralize redness and make skin smooth, clean and clear

* make up absorb into the skin very well look nice

2) Liquid Foundation:

* covers skin troubles naturally and offers the three-dimensional and refreshing effects.

* Give and natural simple look

* Long lasting and light feeling on skin.

3) Twin Cake:

* It is compact powder.

* Hide big pore or skin problem

* 2 method ways (dry method & wet method) suitable for both oily & dry skin

* Give skin fresh and smooth, not oily and long lasting

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1 unit Makeup Base + 1 unit Liquid Foundation (Natural Beige) + 1 unit Twin Cake (Natural Beige)

*Give Glowing and Natural look

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