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CC Cream + Lipstick Tint #410 Pretty Orange

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* 1 unit CC Cream

* 1 unit Lipstick Tint #410 Pretty Orange

How to use :

Step 1 - CC Cream:

*After that, apply this CC Cream as your day cream at whole face, under eye part, & both side of nose. Give natural and glowing skin look whole day fresh.

Step 2 – Lipstick Tint #420 Pretty Orange:

*Finally, apply all over the lip line for vivid lip colour for give natural look.


“CC Cream”

* SPF30 PA++ Sun Protection

* Correct skin tone naturally.

* Get your desired smooth, glowing and healthy natural skin

* Content “Mineral Water” – Keep PH Balance.

* "Content “Colloidal Gold" - High antioxidative activity.

* Content "Ipomoea Hederacea Callus Culture Extract" - Relieves skin trouble & increase skin elasticity

“Lipstick Tint #420 Pretty Orange”

* Moisturizing

* Long lasting matte type

* Vivid colour

* Vitamin E helps to moisture and attractive lips

* Lips wet and lively as do treatments

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CC Cream + Lipstick Tint #410 Pretty Orange

*Give Glowing and Natural look

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