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Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser + 2x Aloe Gel Mask

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* 1 unit Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser

* 2 units 92% Aloe Gel Mask

How to use:

1) Step 1 - “Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser”

* Take the right amount of Bubble Foam on the wet hands, after that message face gently with the bubble as you make a circular motion. Finally, wash face with warm water.

2) Step 2 - “92% Aloe Gel Mask”

*After cleansing, arrange skin texture using a toner and attach the sheet on the face tightly and after that remove the sheet after taking a rest for 10-20 minutes, finally gently pat your face to absorb the remaining essence.


“Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser”

* Excellent effect at makeup cleasing ; Cleans deep down into pores ; strengthens pores ; giving them a more healthy look ; Removes impurities deep down within the pores of the skin ; Leaves skin shiny and feeling clean.

“92% Aloe Gel Mask”

* Moisturizing without being sticky; Soothing sensitive skin; Rich moisturizing and calming effects; spread smoothly and nicely; Simple moisture supply; Powerful moisturizing effect with a sufficient amount

Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser + 2x Aloe Gel Mask

Simple Basic Daily Skin

*Give Clean,Moisture,Natural Healthy Skin

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